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900 South Canal Drive, Chandler, AZ 85225
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+1 480-867-7056


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Che Bella Villas Condominiums


  • David Chalk
    Mar, 18 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    The floor plans are great the pool is great.
    The biggest problem is the coustomer service from the builder and venders are a problem. And there is absolutely no quality control!

    And what ever you do don't buy a 3 bedroom unit on the second floor unless you like knowing when your downstairs neighbors come home or leave! Every time they come or go through the front door or garage door my hole floor bounces violently.

    I paid a premium to be on the second floor so I wouldn't here the up stairs walking back and forth but instead I get an earth quake ever time my downstairs neighbors go in and out.

    I know when they leave, when they walk their dog, when they come home, when I go check the mail, every single time they go in and out of their house I feel it in my floor.

    The worst part about it is the builder says there's nothing he can do about it and this is not an isolated incident to my unit it is all the three-bedroom units on the second floor. I feel a class action lawsuit may be in order

    The HVAC company is also very incompetent. With a 4 ton unit and only having a 16 x 30 return was chocking the return and was so loud that when the HVAC came on I would have to turn the volume up on the television. I noticed during a filter change there was a 2 x 4 closing off the space above the filter. The box in the attic that the return duct is connected to is a 20x30 The 2 x 4 was there to put in a smaller return so they would not have to trim the crown molding. But this restriction was going to send my air handler to an early grave. I removed the 2 x 4 a bit of drywall and was able to put in a 20x30 return great and filter with very very minimal trimming on the crown molding. And I feel bad for the owners of the other upstair 3 bed units because the box they are putting the attic now is a 16 x 34 and will not be able to fix this issue as easily as I was.

    After about a month of living here the HAVC condensation was not draining to the drain but instead was draing onto the ceiling above my shower. After the problem was rectified mold started growing in the drywall above my shower. The drywall have to be removed and replaced and mudded. Three weeks later somebody came back to finish. That did not match the rest of the ceiling. I called the company that was doing the repair never heard back call the HVAC company never heard back finally two more weeks of gone by the ( HVAC) company said someone would be out there.It took over two months to be finally completed.
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